Geoff Cowley – Master Club Fitter & Repairs

Whether you require fitting for your Driver, Fairway Woods, Irons or Putter (or all of them!) – Geoff is here to help!

Modern golf clubs are made to a standard. Golfers however are all unique. We all bring something of our own to the game; confidence on the tee, conversation on the fairway and the choice of line on the putting green. We are all individuals. Your clubs should be as individual as you are, without costing the earth.

Geoff’s passion for the game has led him to learn about how a golf club made to the correct specifications can improve any golfer’s enjoyment on the course. With this is mind he has undertaken industry recognised courses to become a fully certified custom-made golf fitter through complete analysis of your swing, stance, ball flight and some key body measurements.

The process Geoff takes clients through to build a formula that accurately represents you will make your standard golf club feel a little…. ordinary.

Historically this level of service was reserved for the tour player. Recent advances have now made this specialist resource available and affordable for golfers of all levels. By observing and considering your body’s natural movements, a set of clubs can be custom crafted to complement you. If you have new clubs in mind they will ultimately feel a natural part of your swing helping to breath confidence into your game and ultimately lowering your score. If you already have a set of clubs, checks and adjustments such as loft and lie etc, can be made to adjust them to fit you swing “DNA”.

Any golfer, regardless of handicap or ability would appreciate all of his or her clubs to have balance and professionally custom-fitted clubs are the only clear route to achieve this tailored feel. Geoff’s aim is to give you the right tools to release your potential in this challenging but beautiful game we call “golf”.

Services Available

The key service Geoff offers is the expert knowledge of the process of fitting clubs for individuals using the latest technology.

If you already have a set of clubs, Geoff offers a number of checks, repairs and adjustments that can be made to adjust your clubs to fit your swing. Please see below for a list of the services we offer and the cost of each of these services.

*Above are for labor only – components are extra

To check these key elements or arrange a fitting call Geoff on 07946 374 650 or by filling in the form below.